• 9 Arps
  • 32 Decay Basses
  • 66 Hard Basses (+3 alt. cutoff)
  • 20 Soft Basses
  • 53 Wobble Basses
  • 28 Decay Leads
  • 59 Hard Leads
  • 14 Soft Leads
  • 41 Hard Pads (+18 alt.)
  • 34 Soft Pads (+3 alt.)
  • 19 Hard Plucks (+20 alt.)
  • 49 Soft Plucks (+10 alt.)
  • 9 Percussions
  • 12 SFXs
  • 37 Sequenced Phrases

432(+54) patches in total!! Wow!!
(*alt. = Patches whose settings are all the same except Cutoff. )

About This Package

“Quick EDM” is a really basic, standard EDM sound set.
All the patches are practical, and are neatly categorized.

The detailed categorization enables you to look for the sounds without annoyance.


Detailed Audio Samples

Overall Sounds

Zebra + Drums.
You can listen to standard leads, plucks, basses, pads, arps, noises, sfxs.
You can see how practical they are.


Zebra + Drums.
Zebra’s absolute advantage is its flexible unison & stereo width control. The routing system is also great.
“Quick EDM” made full use of these features and created punchy yet versatile bass sounds.

EDM Leads

Decay Leads

Zebra + Drums.
Good for Trap, Dubstep or anything.


Zebra + Drums.
Sometimes Zebra beats Massive in terms of its powerfulness and clarity.
And what is good about these patches is that XY pad 1 is assigned for wobble speed & intensy in Most of the patches. They are common in controlling.
So you can keep some of the automations even after you change the patch.


Zebra + Drums.
Standard & practical, too

Packaged in “Massive Modular Skin”


This sound set is the bonus for the customers of “Massive Modular Skin”.