The Successor to Pokemod Skin Has Been Released.

Therefore, Pokemod is substantially discontinued. You can still get this skin, but it’s only included in the new skin.

Check Out the Updated Skin!

Pocket Modular Skin


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  • Ready for Retina Display
  • Taller than original (+40px)
  • Impressive color distinction
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  • EVERY module has its own design!
  • 2 different styles : Vintage or Modern.
  • Logically reordered, easy to see.
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  • Big OSC editing pane
  • Mini Mod Matrix
  • Direct XY access in XY Tab

The Fourth Pane


OSC is what you most frequently edit. So why not gather them? I did.

At a time You can smoothly grasp all OSC settings (Wave form, Sync, Invert, SFX…).

Now you don’t need to move around to edit miscellaneous parameters.

Also the bottom pane saved a lot of space by this, so I put a number of knobs there.


For example, in Effect Pane, There are…

  • EQ1, EQ2
  • Reverb1 (no diffuser params)
  • Delay1 (no Tap3 and Tap4 params)
  • ModFX1 (no Quad phase and EQ shelf)
  • Comp1

Of course, they’re linked with original modules.

And there are also ENV pane and LFO/Filter Pane so there could be many use cases.

You open the OSC pane and edit them, and when you want to edit ENV, then open the bottom ENV pane. When you want to modify EQs, then open the effect pane and you can edit both EQ1 & EQ2 quickly.

Zebra has too much flexibility and takes time to reach the one you want to edit…

This theme is aimed at “less clicking / scrolling environment”.

The Fifth Pane


Is this really Zebra²? — Yes, it is.

Broad user experience to make the sequence with great ease. How miserable we had been not to have so good a sequencer as Massive or anything else. Now we’re free from nightmare.

Boost Your Creativity

Every module is designed differently, so you can easily distinguish which is which. Each module has its identity and it boosts your creativity.
And you know, it’s just a fun! It will give you the true joy of modular synthesis.

Slick knobs and modules fit with the concept of Zebra: “Crystal-Clear Quality”.