Massive Modular is the totally new skin for U-he Zebra.


  • 2 Color types — Red or Blue.
  • New Modulation System
  • Distinct Character for Every Module
  • Big OSC Editor
  • Piano Roll Sequencer
  • Hide Inactive Elements
  • Bonus Presets Included


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Demo Movie


  • Work on the latest version of Zebra (v2.8)
  • Zebra HZ Support
  • Zebrify Support

The New Modulation System

It won’t take long time to get accustomed to this system. you’d find how messed up it was with too many mod knobs.

Though it’s a bit different from Massive’s behavior, it works really fine.

The Large OSC Editor


No more jealousy for UVI Falcon, NI Massive or Xfer Serum.

The Large Sequencer


It’s the piano roll inside Zebra.
Now that you see this, how can you keep using the original’s tiny tiny arpeggiator?

The Other Three Tabs


The center panel now has tabs, from which you can access the mod matrix, the mini XY and the preset information.

Many Other Minor Improvements

There’re countless considerations that make it utmost usable.

For those who don’t like red colors all over, here’s alternative color version!!
This one is named “Massive Iceage“.


Musik Fabrik

Massive Modular has a great variation : Musik Fabrik Skin.

“Musik Fabrik” is made after Massive Modular is released. You can see it as the higher-end version of Massive Modular!

OSC Screen


XY Pad

Preset Viewer

Purchase – $24.99

2 bonus sound sets are bundled so that you need not hesitate!

Purchase on Gumroad

You can purchase this package via Gumroad.
Massive Modular

via Paypal

Gumroad now supports Paypal, basically. But it seems unstable and sometimes Paypal option doesn’t show up (OMG!).

Even in that situation, You can pay via paypal though it’s a bit roundabout.

  • 1. Pay $24.99 directly via PayPal (the link below).
  • 2. I send you the voucher, which can be used on Gumroad. (I do this manually so it could take time.)
  • 3. Please visit Gumroad and use the voucher to get the package for free.
  • *The reason to use Gumroad anyhow is that I think it easy to let users re-download or update the content.
  • *In maximum, It’ll be about 20 hours before receiving the download code.


Get Demo

Although it’s tested in some environment, it might crash on your PC! Please run through some presets, edit, open and close the GUI. Demo restrictions are below:

  • OSC3 & 4 are disabled.
  • Many stamps that say “Free Trial”.

Download “"Massive Modular" Trial Pack” trial212fix.zip – Downloaded 2832 times – 60 MB

About SD Version

All the screenshots above were taken in a Retina Mac. In other environments, it could look less beautiful. So there’s the SD version for low-res PCs. Check how it looks in your display. Note that SD version has some different UI elements.

Get the Manual

Is a manual necessary just for the skin?

Yes it is, for the Massive Modular makes such huge functional differences.

You can see the detail of how it works, such as the way to activate some parameters hidden by default.
It also describes how to install, and how to update when a new version is out.

Open Manual

Click to view, right-click to download.