“Strawberry Fields” Skin


The custom skin for Ableton Live 9.6. Inspirational 3 accent colors make you motivated.

  • Strawberry Red
  • Lime yellow
  • Leaf green

Yes, this is the most organic skin ever made! Stay healthy.

Download “"Strawberry Fields" Skin” Strawberry-Fields.ask_.zip – Downloaded 636 times – 2 KB

How to Install

Just drop the file to :

Live.app > Contents > App-Resources > Skin

(Windows should have similar folder, too. Maybe in the Program Files folder?)

“MiniADT” M4L Effect


My first M4L device! MiniADT is a simple-to-use double-tracking effect.

It doubles the signal (mono or stereo) by using delay.

Download “Mini ADT” MiniADT.amxd_.zip – Downloaded 298 times – 10 KB