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Finally the RED skin!

Congratulations, those who love the original Redwood skin. And the delay effect has got better, too.

Now you can at a glance see how the signal is filtered.

What’s Next?

Update for Zebra 2.8 is going below the surface. New EQ GUI component is great!

Since these new modules are added, skins for v2.8 won’t be compatible with v2.7.
I don’t want 2 versions going parallel so I’ve waited for the 2.8’s official release, but it feels to me it’ll be still long before that.

…so I’m gonna update “Musik Fabrik” for v2.8β.

As for the other skins, I’ll sit and stay until the stable v2.8 is released.

512DL : “Musik Fabrik” Skin is Unlocked!!

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512 DL

I’m really glad and proud to announce that the Massive Modular Skin has reached 512 Downloads!!

So, as it has long been announced from the time when the project was launched, the new bonus skin is now added : The Musik Fabrik.

Main Screen

Musik Fabrik is WIDE! Wider than ever before. Amazingly, it shows effects as RACK!

Yes, aaaaaall effects in a single rack! No need of clicking around.

OSC Screen

Not enough room for Volume and Pan to put in, so they’re gathered in the bottom. Actually it’s easy to mix. Not bad.


The same sequencer as you see in Massive Modular.And Musik Fabrik is wide, so the main control area always remains there

XY Pad

X1-8, Y1-8. All params are shown without any tabs. Wide is good. Wide is god.

Preset Viewer

This is the celebrating bonus so NO EXTRA CHARGE is required. Free for all the existing customers!

  • It’s compatible with Zebra HZ.
  • “SD Version” is included, so try both and see which looks better.
  • No Ice Age color variation for now.

The package is now updated. You can download the Musik Fabrik on Gumroad.
You may have received the update notification as well.

If you’re missing how to download, please contact me.

Again, thanks all for your support and interest!

AIKO v1.2

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Like half a year has passed since last update. My current main job is particularly busy in winter, so I’m a bit off from GUI work.
But now a long awaited update is shipped!

LFO on the Leftmost

Some people suggest that it should be more natural for LFOs to be placed left. Now I know that many synthesizers have that layout.

  • Moog Voyeur
  • Moog Subphatty
  • Jupiter-8
  • Juno-60
  • JP-8080
  • Prophet-5

So does AIKO.
Those who like the old layout can still revert back the style manually. (Read the userguide.)

Dynamic Display Improvement

In Digital OSC, dynamic displaying works for all waveform types. But unlike MULTISAW, only either parameter affects the display. This is due to the limitation of U-he’s theming system.

Next One …… Bazille!

The best work ever I made! The fundamental principle is the same as AIKO: Neither too much like hardware, nor too simple. Clear to see, easy to use and somehow cute.

Ghost Mode

I’ve always added additional features into U-he skins. This time, the killer feature is the Ghost Mode.

Just by turning the “Ghost” switch on, all the cables are hidden. You can concentrate on tuning parameters without being frustrated by the cables all around.

“Hide inactive effects” is another great feature. This needs a special trick! U-he guys might not come up with this.

The new theme is named “Tokyo Ghost“.

It’s almost done and now on the final stage… testing the usability by synthesizing sounds practically. Stay tuned!

AIKO Updates, and Small Goods

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AIKO v1.1


AIKO skin for Diva has been updated to 1.1!
It’s mainly on bug fix, but some features are added.

Customizable Designs

You can replace some UI elements on your own. Some prefer flat designs, and others like vintage. Now you can choose by yourself.



Reverb Unit


Plate reverbs adopt fader style UI. Look like Lexicon reverbs 🙂

Small Goods

There are some small things added.

Alchemy theme for Logic (again)

Some people reported my alchemy theme crashes. So I checked on my Mac, and it really crashed! ugh
Now it should work again.


Spark Be Falcon

You know I like UVI Falcon all the way. But my beloved UVI SparkVerb doesn’t look so good as one integrated in Falcon, because it doesn’t have falcon-style-knobs.
So I hacked the resource file! Now it’s fine for me.
This one is on the Freebies page.


Finally Diva Skin, and More!

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Finally it’s done. Massive Modular system for Diva!!
And there’s one for ACE, and even for Ableton Live!

“AIKO” Skin for Diva


Product page : AIKO Skin for U-he Diva


New Modulation System

The same mod system as Massive Modular Skin is now in Diva.

Uniform VCFs

Designs won’t get in your way.


There are a lot more features! See the product page. It’s commercial skin and comes along with a soundset… Just the same as Massive Modular skin.

Ace “Unity” Theme


And here’s another one — Ace “Unity” theme. This is just a small theme that makes Ace more like hardwares, more “Vintage”.
I just changed the knobs, the faders and the cable colours. Nothing else. It took me less than a day.
…So this is free!! You can download this theme from the Freebies page.

“Strawberry Fields” Skin for Live 9

A custom Ableton Live skin, made with M4L Skin Editor.
It features 3 accent colors : Strawberry Red, Lime Yellow, Leaf Green. So this is the most organic skin ever made. I’m not kidding. you can feel healthy, actually!!


I also made a M4L effect — MiniADT. You can download these from the Ableton Goods page.

Revolution Again.

How you work and how you feel — AIKO can change your Diva life, just as Massive Modular has done. Now you’ll be able to feel that Diva is an easy-to-handle, orthodox synth.

Have fun!!

(** I’ll make a topic on KVR soon.)

v2.1.2 — New Reverb UI

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v2.1.2 makes only small change, but a big change.

New Reverb UI

Diffuser knobs are unified into main knobs. And put the static XY pad on the right. It can easily edit the size and feedback.

Iceage, Up-to-dated

Env module in Iceage is now as new as Massive Modular.

Iceage has come

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Finally, the blue version is released.


Main colour = Blue
Mods colour = yellow
3rd colour = red.

Blue, is good. In a way it makes me feel like I’m a scientist or an alchemist.
One note is that, it’s based on v2.0.9, so the env module is still old.


By the next update, it’s to be up-to-date.

Some Plans on the Wider Skin


I’m feeling that 512 DL is just too far to reach.
So I’m thinking about giving the skin to some early-customers.
I’m gonna put unique watermark in the script (just in case, in rare case).

Pocket Modular for free

I’m also planning to give away Pokemod skin for free.
In comparison to Massive Modular, I must admit that Pokemod is kinda amateur.
It would be better to give away it, to welcome more users.

So stay tuned!

v2.1 — Zebrify, New ENV modules

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Massive Modular Skin v2.1 is released!!
This is kinda BIG update.

Zebrify Support

Massive Modular now supports Zebrify!
Placing the “Input” section onto the top was the hard decision, for it pushes the center tab down.
“Tab” should be placed on the top or the bottom for the natural user experience.

But “Input” is the first section of the audio route and should be placed on the top, too. So I took latter.

New Envelope Drawer

The new envelope drawer will encourage you to use these advanced params.

OSC Editor Toggle

There has been the toggle for Big OSC editor, but it’s really small and hardly recognized…It’s described in the manual but hardly read, either.

So the more obvious toggles are added in each module.

So there’re at most 5 toggles that behaves all the same. It’s in away illogical but OK. Better than to feel inconvenient.

256 Download Bonus

Thank you for all the customers! 256 people have downloaded this product. Now the new bonus soundset — “Quick Electro” has been unlocked.

Modern Sounds

“Midnight” (All Zebra)

“Chronos” (Zebra+Drums)

“Leaving Home” (Zebra+Drums)

Classic Sounds

“Pocket Synthesiter” (Zebra+Drums+Vocal)

“The Android” (Zebra + Voice)

“Tour De Tokyo” (Zebra + Only Kick)

To Update

Most of the customers must have received the update notification e-mail. From that mail you can access the download link.
Those who don’t receive the update notification need to login to Gumroad or salvage the purchase receipt to access the contents.

If any trouble, please contact me from the mail form, Twitter or KVR.

Next update : Blue version. Stay tuned.

Future Updates

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Massive Modular Skin has just been released, but I’m already planning some features the will come in the future.

Envelope (open)

This is one of what I’m not pleased with, since this part is too differently designed from others.

Glide & Parametric EQ use the circles for these sub-parameters.

So this time…..

This is better.
Showing “V” for velocity & “K” for keyfollow is just the same as NI Massive so it would be comprehensible.

Reverb Module

Reverb, can also adopt the same UI. It can save so much space that I could put XY pad in it.

Top Bar Contents

The top bar still has some space to put something in. There’s a case where you go to ARP pane and find that the voice mode is not “arpeggiator”, so you need to go back to the main pane. What a frustration!

This is better. Icon style voice mode indicator is , just so cute.

Ideas just don’t stop occurring to me!!!!

“Massive Modular” has been released!

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Finally it’s released!!

Massive-Like Mod System

“Massive Modular” was born of “Pocket Modular” skin.
I made full use of the theming techniques to build up this GUI. The system is composed of many invisible knobs and racks.

Check the Details

You can download the trial version.

About the Name

I gave him the new name mainly because I wanted to make it clear that THIS IS THE NEW SKIN, not a variation of Pokemod ones. Of-course I started working from “Pokemod Platinum”, but finally all the modules are again rebuilt.

And the “pocket” just didn’t fit to this product, because it’s something “MASSIVE”.
This is so “MASSIVE” that you can’t put it into a pocket 🙂

The price has been raised

As I announced before, the price has been raised ($24.99).

I think it still reasonable because Zebra itself is a full-featured expensive synth, which could cost high if you try to dress it up well.

If you calculate this ratio and display it with a zebra, it’s like this.

Haha anyway, I think it worth. This is an epic skin that can truly change the workflow of Zebra². You’ll be able to feel like you’re using another synth, or, Zebra3!

I hope you enjoy Zebra synth a lot. Zebra is really an amazing synth, with great capability and crystal-clear sound… I love it.

Special Thanks

And I have to say that I was deeply inspired by UVI Falcon synthesizer.

I didn’t buy Falcon, but it looked so cool and was always on my mind, which drove me to create this new skin.
“As Cool As Falcon” was my slogan actually. What a beautiful design, Falcon! Thanks.

…But Zebra with Massive skin is gonna eat Falcon!! fa fa fa