Logic Pro X : 02 Project and Track

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As I noted in the previous section, You only have to learn 7 steps below.

  • 1. Create a new project file.
  • 2. Add tracks (Template does this automatically).
  • 3. Insert plugins (You can use many presets).
  • 4. Make regions.
  • 5. Add notes.
  • 6. Adjust sound balances in mixer.
  • 7. Export as an audio file.

Check the Preference

First off all, check the preference. [⌘,] to open the preference window.

General -> Start Up Action

Choose whichever you like.

General -> Editing -> Right Mouse Button

“Tool”, I’ll mention later. Just choose “Assignable to a Tool” for it is definitely the best choice.

Display -> Editors

Choose the background color of piano roll. Bright one would be better to see.

Advanced -> Show Advanced Tool

Without this checkbox on, Logic is just like “GarageBand Pro”.
You bought Logic for $200. Then why not use full feature? Advanced tool won’t confuse you much so turn it on!

Now, let’s create a new project.

1. Create a new project

Go to menu bar – “File” – “New from Template…” or just press “⌘-N” to open a dialog.

This time I choose “Electronics”.

Hello Logic! But the window is messed up…


Library is the storage for sound presets called “Channe Strip Setting”.

Library is the easiest way to choose a sound, as these presets contain both instruments and effects data.

So if you’re not confident of making sounds, you don’t need to edit them. Just choose from them.


Next to the library is “Inspector”, which is just the same as you see on Mixer.

Inspector shows the mixer of the current track and the master track. And on the upper, there are miscellaneous settings.

Smart Control

“Smart Control” smartly chooses important parameters from the instrument, and gathers them to this small pane.

Hide Panels

They are convenient but just using the space too much.
You can show / hide them by clicking tool bar buttons.

2. Add Tracks

There’s already some tracks but anyway learn how to do that.

Software Instrument
Virtual Instruments. Use piano roll data to play.
A track for real recording or audio files (wav, aif).
A track that automatically creates rhythm patterns. You can edit some parameters to get the ideal pattern.
External MIDI
This is one of the advanced tools. Control an external hard synthesizer connected to Logic.
Guitar or Bass
Basically the same as Audio track but a suit of effectors (Noise suppressor, Amp, Effector board…) are initially inserted.

After tracks are added, choose the sound from Library.

See the next section to learn how to make regions and notes.

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