Spark Be Falcon


Just a tiny tiny tweak that makes Sparkverb look more like one in Falcon.

Download “Spark Be Falcon” – Downloaded 344 times – 9 MB

Ace Unity


“Unity” is a free theme for Ace, which just modified its knobs. UI elements are unified, and it looks more like a vintage modular hardware.

Download “Ace Unity Theme” – Downloaded 692 times – 6 MB

Diva Flataholic



“Flataholic” is a free theme for Diva.

  • Made for Retina.
  • No Wood.
  • No “Modifications” panel. All mod-knobs are put into the main panel.
  • Big Preset Pane
  • Super-usable Delay effect design

Download “Diva "Flataholic" Skin” – Downloaded 1542 times – 10 MB

V1.0.4 : 2016.2.10 — Fixed the issue again “Detune” in DVCO works strangely.

Bazi Toh Foo



V1.1 : 2016.1.1 — 【Fix】Ramp 1,2 now works fine.

Toh Foo (東風;The East Wind) is a free theme for Bazille.

  • Based on “Gearporn” but 40px taller
  • Slider Style Envelopes
  • More Reactive Output Meter
  • Big Preset Pane
  • Ultra-usable Delay effect design

This is a totally free package.

Download “Bazi "Toh Foo"” – Downloaded 2434 times – 2 MB

Pokemod X & Y for Diva


V1.2.1 : 2016.2.3 — “Frequency” in scope labeled correctly.

  • Fully made for Retina display.
  • No Wood, which uses up 80px widths.
  • No queer mod panel. All knobs inside the modules.
  • Easy morphing with X & Y pads.
  • Super usable Delay effect design.

Download “Diva Pokemod X&Y” – Downloaded 1993 times – 29 MB

Tyrell N6 “Retro Analog” Skin

My first work…. juvenile.

[su_list icon=”icon: star”]
  • Retina ready!
  • Orange & Blue. Clearly designed.

LFO = Blue. Mods = Orange. Easy to see = easy to edit.


“Plugmon Techno Pack”

Standard techno style patches.

[su_list icon=”icon: check-square”]
  • 23 Basses
  • 7 Leads
  • 7 Pads
  • 15 Plucks
  • 6 Brasses
  • 6 SFX

64 Patches in total. And it’s free!!

Download “Plugmon Techno Pack” – Downloaded 735 times – 475 KB

How To Install Patches

Drop the folder to “~/Library/Audio/Presets/u-he/TyrellN6
Then patches will be on the list.

Audio Samples

“Tokyo Metro Subway”

“Tokyo Metro Dungeon”

SFX samples

(All Tyrell N6 excluding drums, delay, reverb, & mixing effectors.)
How to Install Themes

Drop the folder to
HD/Library/Application Support/u-he/Themes
This folder is the common theme folder for all U-he devices.