AIKO /áɪkɔ/ – The skin with the new design and the new functionality.

aikoLatest Version … v1.4


New Modulation System

The same mod system as Massive Modular Skin is now in Diva.

Go Intuitive! Be Massive!

No more original’s separated UI, nor strange (M) icons.


Usability First.

Uniformed UI for VCF. No need to be too much like hardwares.

Mmm…Multimode & Uhbie could look better. Stay tuned for the updates.

LFO Modules

LFOs are placed in the right of the main panel because ENV and LFO are friends!
And the LFO indicators are added. It’s tiny but looks shiny.

It’ll save you from getting confused, e.g…
When depthmod is contolled by ModWheel, a LFO won’t take effect until ModWheel goes up. But sometimes you don’t realize it and think, “Oh..? LFO doesn’t work…”

It will never happen because the brightness of the lamps shows the LFO depth.
When the depth is diminished, a lamp won’t be lit.


Static XY Pads

Though not assignable, they’re still useful, especially Reverb’s one.


Omotenashi : A Pile of Minute Considerations

Small small things make you feel better.

Icon Based Voicemode Indicator

The voice mode is shown as icon in the top bar. You’ll never miss it.


Displays for Modwheel and Pitchwheel

Showing the current value of “Modulation” and “Pitchbend” is techincally possible.


Dynamic Multisaw Display

In digital OSC, the waveform selector also work as an indicator to show how “supersaw” it is.
(In the initial release, only “supersaw” has this feature.)


Help for Modifications

I always forget about how these modifications work. Just clicking right-top button will show this help-panel.


Module Designs


Modules didn’t go too much like hardwares, but have some good taste of “vintage” and reminds you of the original synths.

Triple OSC / Main Tab


Dual VCO / Modulation Tab


DCO / Scope Tab


Dual VCO Eco / XY Morph Tab


Digital / Uhbie / Mini Patch List Tab



Especially REVERB and DELAY are super-easy-to-use.


When Combined

When different models are combined, it’s rather obvious that the unified and modest UI keeps you concentrating. In the image below, you also see that the white knobs are flatter than ones in images above.
It means, you can customize them by replacing the image files. Not many but some alternative images are included in the package.


Preset Loader

Single-column style is adopted since I always feel this simple vertical scrolling comfortable.


No close button? Don’t worry. Click anywhere outside the list can close the browser.

Customizable Designs

By replacing the images, you can change some of the knobs and faders, to fit to your taste.



Bonus Sound Set is Included

Cannot pay some only for the skin? OK, here’s a bonus sound set.

FACTORY T-2020 Soundset

  • 36 Classic Leads
  • 19 Modern Leads
  • 26 Classic Decay Leads
  • 11 Modern Decay Leads
  • 36 Classic Pads
  • 32 Modern Pads
  • 23 Classic Basses
  • 41 Classic Decay Basses
  • 15 Modern Basses
  • 18 Brasses
  • 9 Strings
  • 6 Reeds
  • 40 Classic Plucks
  • 16 Modern Plucks
  • 26 Keys
  • 28 Cinematic Sounds
  • 43 Percussions
  • 10 SFX (Rise, Fall, Noise)

435 patches in total!! Wow

Well Organized Standards

T-2020 was made to replace the factory presets with. The original factory presets….it just….doesn’t work.

  • Categorizing is too rough.
  • Patches are sorted by their auther names.

And no tag or text search function. How can you get the sound you want? Hence, the new factory presets.

The solution is: a preset name should tell more. I assigned “sub-category-number” to each patch, which indicate the sound character.

  • 1 : Soft, e.g. Sine or Tri based sounds.
  • 2 : Warm, e.g. Fat Saw lead with half closed LP filter.
  • 3 : Hard, e.g. Bright detuned Saw with open filter.
  • 4 : Special, e.g. Strong-pitch-modulated sounds.

So, for example, “BSC-3” means that it’s categorized in Bass-Classic-Hard.

In other words, The deeper you scroll down, the harder sound you encounter. Easy!

(Note : [Keys] and [Cinematics] have different sub-categorizing; like [Harp][Organ]… and [Drone][Noise]…)


Brass, Strings, Reed and Key

Oberheim Brasses here!

Lead (Classic)

Lead (Modern)

The fattest soft-synth in the world.

Lead (Decay)

Leads with low-sustain are separately categorized.


Bass (Classic – Sustain)

Classic sounds, but can be also used in modern music.

Bass (Classic – Decay)


(Slight EQs are inserted, to enhance high or low end..)


Just play some whole-note-chords and it’ll evolve, nonstop!


Please not ask me for the skin-only package with discount! This is just a by-product. Neither this nor the skin will be sold separately.

Purchase – $15

Purchase on Gumroad

You can purchase this package via Gumroad.

via Paypal

Gumroad now supports Paypal! and There should be Paypal option.
But it seems unstable and sometimes Paypal option doesn’t show up (OMG!).

Even in that situation, You can pay via paypal though it’s a bit roundabout.

  • 1. Pay directly via the paypal button below.
  • 2. I send you the 100% off voucher, which can be used on Gumroad.
  • 3. Please visit Gumroad and use the voucher to get the package for free.

Since I send vouchers manually, and since I’m on another job during the daytime, It’ll be (in maximum) about 20 HOURS before receiving the download code.

Download Trial

You can download the demo version of the skin, and,
128 patches from T-2020 sound set! Oh my, … It’s beyond “demo”.


Demo Restrictions

  • Less color.
  • Some knobs are missing.
  • No HPF. No FX2. No LFO2.
  • Watermarks on knob images.
  • Logo is changed from “Diva” to “Demo”.

Rest are the same as the full version. Please see how it works on your computer. (It might crash on some DAWs on some computers.)

Download “AIKO Demo Pack” – Downloaded 970 times – 30 MB

How to Install


  • 1.Go to “Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/u-he/Themes”
    and drop the theme folder. (Note that it’s not your USER’s LIBRARY folder.)
  • 2. Open Diva.
  • 3. Click the cog icon (top-right) to open the preference.
  • 4. Choose “AIKO” as the default skin.


  • 1. Find your Diva folder. it may be on “”
  • 2. Then move to “Support:Themes” and drop the theme folder there. If there’s no such folder, then create on your own.
  • 3. Open Diva.
  • 4. Click the cog icon (top-right) to open the preference.
  • 5. Choose “AIKO” as the default skin.


If you have some trouble, please contact us.
If you have some good idea or something to discuss, KVR forum is the best place to do that.

The meaning of AIKO

AIKO /áɪkɔ/ is an abbreviation of “All Interfaces Kawaiku Optimized“.
(*Kawaiku = adverb form of “Kawaii“, which means “lovable” or “cute” in Japanese.)

“Cuteness”, is kinda opposite to “Dinosaur” — AIKO aims at obtaining modern tidiness. So the design of DualVCO is rather inspired by JP-08, not the original JUPITER-8, for example.



The idea of the slimmed scroll bar is not mine, but was first shown on the Volta Skin.
When I first saw that scroll bar, I got astonished and thought, “It’s impossible! U-he’s scroll bar width is fixed. Cannot look like this!”

I looked into the script and found that there was a special trick used : An overlaid frame over the scroll bar.


This…is a great idea and I couldn’t help using this. Great respect for Kapetan, the creator of the Volta skin.

AIKO in Japan

AIKO is named after the famous Japanese singer, aiko.
She is one of those who represent the Japanese pop music scene and I love her songs much!