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We renovate the GUI of U-he Products and Apple Logic Pro.

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AIKO Updates, and Small Goods

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AIKO v1.1 AIKO skin for Diva has been updated to 1.1! It’s mainly on bug fix, but some features are added. Customizable Designs You can replace some UI elements on…

Finally Diva Skin, and More!

| Releases | 2 Comments

Finally it’s done. Massive Modular system for Diva!! And there’s one for ACE, and even for Ableton Live! “AIKO” Skin for Diva Product page : AIKO Skin for U-he Diva…


v2.1.2 — New Reverb UI

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v2.1.2 makes only small change, but a big change. New Reverb UI Env module in Iceage is now as new as Massive Modular.


Iceage has come

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Finally, the blue version is released. Main colour = Blue Mods colour = yellow 3rd colour = red. Blue, is good. In a way it makes me feel like I’m…

The New Flagship Product

“Massive Modular” for Zebra¬≤

  • The Whole New Modulation System
  • The Big Sequencer
  • The Big OSC Editor
  • And More and More
Is This Really Zebra?

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